VR for Travel - BeThere Book: Travel Edition (VR Travel Viewer)

BeThere Book: Travel Edition
VR Travel Viewer

Travel around the world, all in your room.

With BeThere Book: Travel Edition, you can fly over the breathtaking Europe; lost in wild Africa; find your spiritual side in Asia; get crazy in America; travel like a boss in Australia; experience Antartica. Ready to share these experiences with your friends?

How to use: Open BeThere Book, snap the QR code, slide your Android phone or iPhone into BeThere Book, and let’s travel!

P.S. The traveling content inside the QR codes is regularly updated even after you take it home.

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Looking for VR for Travel?

BeThere Book: Travel Edition is the answer.

All you have to do is open the book. And travel.

bethere book

No assembly required at all.

Just open the book.

Snap the special QR code.

Choose the destination you want to explore.

Insert your phone inside BeThere Book: Travel Edition.

Let’s travel!

Travel the world. All in your room.

BeThere Book Travel Edition

We have provided one special QR code inside BeThere Book: Travel Edition.

This special QR code covers all the destinations you have to visit before you die.

Whether it’s your dream country, a simply breathtaking view,

a hidden zone, or even your old hometown.

Works with your phone like no other.


Use an Android or an iPhone? Or, even a Windows phone?

That’s perfect!

‘Cause it works with BeThere Book: Travel Edition.

The screen size is up to six inches.

New destination each week.

travel 3

You always need one friend to recommend you a place to visit.

Well, that’s what BeThere Book: Travel Edition does for you:

providing new destination each week,

for your traveling guide and recommendation,

through the special QR code.

The lenses that take you inside.

Lenses BeThere Book

After months of testing,

we apply BiConvex Lenses 37mm x 45mm, made of Acrylic,

to the virtual reality viewer inside BeThere Book: Travel Edition.

This means you will enjoy an epic virtual journey in high-quality motion.

 The design that naturally gets you.


BeThere Book: Travel Edition (VR for Travel)

BeThere Book: Travel Edition has been designed with ergonomic in mind.

Once you bring it home, you’ll understand almost everything:

the direct screen touch, the phone’s placement, the QR codes,

and everything.

Explore the world in a different way.

Learning 1

Nothing can change real traveling.

BeThere Book: Travel Edition will strengthen your sense in traveling.

For example, after traveling with BeThere Book: Travel Edition in a certain country,

you’ll find hidden spots to explore,

a new angle to take a perfect shot,

and unlimited ideas to your next adventure.

Bring everywhere, impress everyone.

bring your bethere book everywhere

As light and small as a compact disc,

you can keep BeThere Book: Travel Edition with you all the time,

save and bring it everywhere.

And, when you bring it everywhere, your friends may say,

“Dude, what’s that?”

And, they’re trying it. And, they can’t stop smiling.

And, they’re totally impressed, like,

“Man, how could you find this book?”

Don’t tell them.

 One book, unlimited experiences.

sport 7

Traveling isn’t the only thing you can do with BeThere Book: Travel Edition.

To keep you always refreshed, we provide two additional QR codes.

The first QR code is for general entertainment and news on our daily blog, BeThere EveryDay.

The second QR code is the latest YouTube 360 videos.

Enjoy it all with BeThere Book.

Another reason to keep you in the mood.


A beautiful, unforgettable escape you’ll ever have when you’re feeling stuck and bored.

You’ll end up smiling.

 Your request, our concern.

bethere social media

Do you have any place you’re dying to visit?

Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter.

Can’t wait to bring you there.

 Are you ready to travel impossible places?

vr travel 4

If it’s a YES, click me!

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