Before Spending Your Money, Let's Try 8 Scuba Diving Destinations from Home

Before Spending Your Money, Let’s Try 8 Scuba Diving Destinations from Home

Scuba Diving Destination 360, Hamilton

Imagine you have spent much money to visit one of the beautiful islands you saw on the internet for scuba diving.

And, you’re disappointed by almost everything. About what you saw on the ocean, which is out of your expectation. It was too plain that you saw almost nothing. It was a little bit too normal since you’ve probably dived before.

So, what if you can do a scuba diving test from your room? So, you don’t need to spend much money to get disappointed.

First, you won’t get wet. At all.

Second, you don’t need to move. Even an inch.

Third, it’s nearly FREE!

All you need is your Android phone or your iPhone. Make sure the YouTube app has been updated because you will watch 360-degree videos that will make you see every single spot like you were there. To get the perfect experience in scuba diving from your room, don’t forget to use BeThere Book: Sporting Edition and look around! You’ll see any spot based on where you’re looking, just like you were there.

BeThere Book: Sporting Edition


(Well, you will get the immersive experiences with all editions of BeThere Book, but diving is a sport, so we use BeThere Book: Sporting Edition)

Now take a deep breath.

Because we’re going to take you into the most mysterious journey in your whole live.

Diving into the ocean.

[P.S. Don’t try to play the videos below without BeThere Book or you’ll lose the real fun.]

Scuba Diving 360#1:

Hamilton Island. Enjoy the view during landing. Have a trip to the ocean, then dive into it.

When the pilot says, “Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking, welcome to Hamilton, Australia,” you know it’s gonna be a good start.

Isn’t it?


Scuba Diving 360 #2: Let’s go to the south, to the uninhabited island called Poor Knights Islands, New Zealand.

At 1:20, you’ll feel like lost in a forest. An underwater forest. And it’s gonna be a mind-blowing view.


Scuba Diving 360 #3: Diving in Green Island in Taiwan will make you realize that the land and the ocean might be non-identical twins.

Because when you see the corals, it’s like watching forest from the sky. And, when you see the school of fish, it’s like they’re flying like birds.


Scuba Diving 360 #4: If you’re diving for a purpose learning, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Kelp Forest Aquarium is for you.

BBC made this 360-degree video for you.


Scuba Diving 360 #5: What a relaxing diving in Bahamas, Caribbean.

‘Cause it’s just you, the ocean, and the music.


Scuba Diving 360 #6: Go down to 30m depth in Black Hole in Greece.

No matter how you deep you go, it feels like it has no end.

Pretty much like a horror underwater.


Scuba Diving 360 #7: Are you brave to dive with a blue whale in Mexico?

A 360-degree video from GoPro.

When you wear BeThere Book, the blue whale will swim right in front you. But remember, you’ll remain safe and sound.


Scuba Diving 360 #8: Heal yourself by swimming with the dancing dolphins.

‘Cause every time the dolphins moves around you, it looks like they’re dancing, and somehow it’s healing like you don’t mind staying there for hours.


Scuba Diving #9: You decide. What kind of scuba diving destination are you looking for?

Scuba Diving 360, Hamilton

We may provide it for you in the near future, so let us know in the comment below! 🙂


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