Obama VR Reaction: I Would Love to Try It Again, But...

Obama VR Reaction: I’d Love to Try It Again, But…

Obama VR

Hello, it’s me, Barrack Obama.

(Yes, that Obama. The president of the U.S.)

First off, I’m very honored to sit here and write to you about my experience in virtual reality.

Before I begin explaining, please read the disclaimer at the end of the post.


It was just another weekend in Germany when I toured the Hanover Messe trade fair, the world’s largest industrial trade fair, until…

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… a probably-forty-year-old man approached me and brought something in his hand.


It was a virtual reality glasses.

The probably-forty-year-old-man explained about the virtual reality glasses that he was holding, saying how it’s different and it uses a 3D camera inside, and all that made it sound so cool. He wore it several times and played his hand in front of the virtual reality glasses, and it made me curious.

But I have to keep it cool.

Stay calm. I’m the president. I have to…

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I couldn’t.

As he said, “So, if you take a look inside…”, the “shut up and take my money” meme came up in my mind.

… and you hold your hands in front of this…

Just. Give. It. To. Me. Now.

So, I gave my microphone to someone behind, took a step forward, and wore the virtual reality glasses without any doubt.

My goodness.

I was totally lost in virtual reality.

I played my hand to see how it was conveyed through the virtual reality glasses.

The guy grabbed my hand and what I saw was the 3D information detected by the camera–that was too complicated to explain.

It felt so immersive during the experience that I couldn’t help but smile a little bit—I had to keep it cool, though.

If you are curious about what I saw, this might be close:

After few seconds, Angela Merkel tried the virtual reality glasses, then smiled so wide.

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And, she couldn’t stop.

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Dear Angela Merkel, please let me try it once again.

At the end of the day, it was no longer “just another weekend”. It was a weekend.

You can see my reaction on the video below:

Disclaimer: Of course, it’s not Obama who wrote this, but thank you for reading Obama VR reaction!

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