How Virtual Reality Changes A 67-Year-Old Man's Life

How Virtual Reality Changes A 67-Year-Old Man’s Life

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I cried writing this news.

When a 67-year-old-man named Steve Bettis saw the sea, he didn’t only see the water and the wave.

He saw the good old days when he was all wet on his surfboard, laughing while conquering the waves, feeling on point around the perfect glassy waves.

ms virtual reality

The sea has been his best friend since he was a kid, as he’s living near the coast. It was just another day in his nine years old when he bought a surfboard for $3 and tried surfboarding for the first time with his own surfboard.

He knew this would be his life and he would never, ever quit surfboarding.

But everything was changed.

In 2006, he was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis and hasn’t been able to get on water for ten years.

You might think it must be difficult for him, but he said,

“I’m kind of a naturally happy person, and I found no reason to change that. I could complain about having MS to no end, but it’s not going to make it go away.”

One day, somebody came to his house and brought a virtual reality viewer.

ms virtual reality

He said, “What the heck is that?” but wore it, anyway.

The first thing he saw was the ocean.

And then a surfboard underneath.

And the perfect wave.

And the beautiful song of the ocean he has never heard for ten years.

A smile that he’s never worn for ten years finally rose.

ms virtual reality

The virtual reality viewer brought him to a 360o video of surfboarding in the eyes of a surfboarder.

“This is unreal,” he said.

As the wave was coming closer in a virtual world, he uttered, “Comin’ up, comin’ up, comin’ up,” like he was really there.

When he took off the viewer, there was something different in his eyes.

That’s probably how happiness looks like.

“Being able to look all the way around, that’s the view of the ocean that I’m talking about. When you’re sitting down outside you can look back and all that, it just becomes clean.” – Steve Bettis.


Watch the video below:


PS: We personally would like to thank you to NationalMSSociety to make it happen. #WeAreStrongerThanMS.

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