Facebook in the Future Will Probably Look Like This

Facebook in the Future Will Probably Look Like This


Facebook in the future is probably something related to virtual reality.

You wear a virtual reality glasses, and…

meet a friend in the same place as you are!

This will likely to happen in the future as Mike Schroepfer, the CTO of Facebook, showed a demo on the Facebook Developer Conference on April, 13th 2016. A demo of the future of social VR.

As he stood on stage, he explained several things about technology in the future, then told about a friend of his that was currently far away but connected to the virtual reality.

So, he said, “Let’s go together and see him,” as he wore Oculus Rift and hold Oculus Touch in his hands.


There went an avatar of his friend. They said hi to each other. Mike told his friend to say hi to everyone in the room. And, it looked so natural with the voice chat, hand gestures, and head movements.

They were standing in nowhere, probably on a virtual reality carpet—that’s our term, though. The virtual reality carpet has the same function with Aladdin’s carpet. You will have that virtual reality carpet along with you as you explore the virtual world on a social VR.

On the virtual reality carpet, you will see some markers and something that looks like a marble.

Mike’s friend took the object that looks like a marble, and he explained that this is a photo. A 360-degree photo.

And, what’s cool about it is that when you hit the photo to your face, like wearing a mask, it will bring you to the place in the photo!

Doesn’t it feel like the good old movies?

In their conversation, they tried several destinations.

The last destination was London, standing on Westminster Bridge, right in front of the Big Ben.

“You know, I really never got a selfie in front of the Big Ben,” said Mike.

And then, his friend took a virtual selfie stick. As simple as that, they took a selfie in front of the Big Ben.

You might think what’s left in a virtual world stayed in a virtual world, well, no. Once you took a selfie on a social VR, you would find your photos on the virtual reality carpet. Take what you like, and if you feel like uploading it on your wall, just drop into the Facebook box that showed up after taking a photo.

This was directly uploaded on Mike’s Facebook profile.

Also, did you recognize a blue tie and a red tie they wore? It was actually their creation. They drew it with a marker, and it became real.

And, yeah, this is just a demo, everyone.

Watch the video below:

So, what do you think if Facebook in the future looks like this? Do you like it better?


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