Insurgent VR: Review, People's Reaction & Feedback, All You Need to Know

Insurgent VR: Review, People’s Reaction & Feedback, All You Need to Know


It was definitely the craziest four minutes in my life.

When I read and watched the Divergent series, I’ve always wanted to be the one who entered the simulation scenes. By “simulation scenes”, I mean it’s when Tris, the main character of the Divergent series, was trapped in a simulation, suddenly placed in a lonely field. The crows were coming towards her. She was trying to run, but the ground caught her feet. And then, she moved to another terrifying moment. Everything was so difficult and random, like a nightmare.

I imagined if I was there, could I handle it?

Could you handle it? Don’t you think you need to try it?

Well, it’s now possible (thanks, virtual reality technology!). We can do it through a virtual reality application called Insurgent VR, which you can find on Play Store or App Store. To get a better experience, you need a virtual reality glasses, such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Insurgent VR was released by Lionsgate, a Canadian–American entertainment company. Though it was released in 2015, it seemed that some of us didn’t really recognize this crazy application. This application was actually intended to be a movie trailer for Insurgent, the sequel of Divergent, but when I tried it, it was more than just a movie trailer. It was like you entered the world of your favorite movie, literally.

As you put on your virtual reality glasses, you will see Jeanine Matthews stands before you and explains about this simulation. You must sit down.

And, suddenly… remember this scene from Insurgent?

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Yes, those cables will be embedded in your body and hands, and that will be the moment when everything starts to crack.

I don’t want to spoil a thing, but I’ll tell you my favorite parts.

1.  The first view of the simulation world, which everything was strong and raw at the same time.

insurgent vr

The graphics are absolutely amazing that you can feel the sorrow through the destroyed buildings, the sky, the clouds, and the sound. The picture above is just a screenshot.


2. When the crows were coming towards me!

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Terrifying! Thank God, it ain’t real.


3. When I was brought away to a different place.

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The ride was crazy!


4. The ending


Don’t want to spoil anything.


What people say about Insurgent VR

“Short, but well produced and worth trying.”

“ The app worked without a hitch on my Samsung note 3. I’ve seen a video on YouTube of someone using the Oculus Rift version of this demo, and if you ask me the Android version, it is on par with it. Great 3D graphics, low latency head tracking, and all that good stuff. A great experience if you are able to run it on your phone.”

“The visuals in this game are absolutely amazing. Although it’s not really a game, it is an incredible immersive game with great graphics. The only glitch I found was that when it took me to see a clip from the movie, the clip would not play the third time I tried to view it. Besides that, it’s a great experience.”


We love Insurgent VR because…

It allows those who love Divergent Series to experience the simulation that the character had experienced in the movie. The coolest scene in the movie.


What we expect from Insurgent VR in the future…

1. Some users complained that Insurgent VR didn’t work on their phones. I hope this issue could be fixed soon. (If it’s not fixed, well, Lionsgate has presented a sequel VR application of Insurgent, which is called Allegiant VR—and it looks much more promising.)

2. As it’s intended to be a movie trailer, I am not sure whether Lionsgate will update more contents, but can I ask for more simulation scenes we can experience through virtual reality technology? Who’s with me?

How people react to Insurgent VR…


How you react to Insurgent VR…

Please let us know in the comments below!


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