When they wanted to prank you, but it's your friend who's accidentally pranked.

When they wanted to prank you, but it’s your friend who’s accidentally pranked.

vr prank failed

This is a moment when a VR prank was failed in a good way.

KHA Entertainment uploaded a YouTube video titled “Virtual Reality Gorilla Prank w/ Mediocre Films (Google Cardboard)”. In that video, they took a new Google Cardboard unit out to Hollywood Boulevard  to show people just how real the virtual reality experience from Google Cardboard can be.

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Through the Google Cardboard, people will see a Gorilla, and it felt so real that one of them even moved her hand to touch the Gorilla virtually. To make it more fun, KHA Entertainment Team prepared a “real” Gorilla while the people were still enjoying the virtual Gorila inside the Google Cardboard.

So, it was expected to be like this…

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But this is what happened…

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They tried to surprise the kid who was wearing the Google Cardboard, but it was a granny who was surprised by the Gorilla. She didn’t even use the Google Cardboard!

Watch how this VR prank failed in a good way:

So, did you laugh? :p

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