Try Not to Laugh #1: Virtual Reality Prank

The Most Extreme VR Reaction Ever

You gotta be careful if your friends are showing you a new virtual reality glasses and telling you to try it with a big smile. I know you must be so happy and excited since it will be your first time to experience virtual reality.

But you gotta be careful because something crazy will happen.

It all started when your friends crowned you the virtual reality glasses and the headset, like you won something, like they were so nice that you should’ve realized it was weird.

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But one of your friends seemed unhappy. Or he was just being suspicious.

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And now your crazy friends left you with that suspicious friend…

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And you were just being confident that you waved your hand in the virtual world like a beauty pageant…

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You couldn’t see what was coming.



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He is suspicious.


Your life won’t be the same anymore.

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And everyone was watching.

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And laughing.

Watch how his life was changed:

So, did you win the challenge of this VR funny reaction?

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