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VR News This Week

VR News This Week: Google Earth VR, New 360 Short-Movie, and More

This week you will find out about the Google Earth VR, a new 360 short-movie by Google Sportlight Stories, and more.

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best youtube 360 channels

25+ Best VR YouTube Channels That Will Transport You to Impossible Experiences

You’ll scream at 25.

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How to Watch a 360 Video on YouTube from Android and iPhone

Some of you do it wrong.

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This Girl Is Helping You Seeing Colors from Sound, And It’s Magical

If someone said, “I see colors when I hear a sound,” that’s not a joke. That’s synesthesia. And, now, you can see it, too.

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Top Brands VR

Top 12 Popular Brands Gone VR

One of these brands could be your favorite one.

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edge of space vr

Flying to the Edge of Space from Your Home

How does it feel like to leave Earth? What is hidden above the highest clouds? From your home, safe and sound, let’s fly to Edge of Space.

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VR Relaxation Videos

Top 10 VR Relaxation Videos That’ll Make You Sleep Well Tonight

If you’re having some sleep problems or get stressed of your works and things in life, these VR relaxation videos might help you get through it.

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Perfect Angle VR Review - Relaxing Puzzle App

This Might Be The Most Relaxing Puzzle Game in 2016

Read the review, watch people’s reaction, and see how people think. You’re going to like this one.

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Recommended VR Apps October 2016 Edition

October ain’t end until you download these apps

I bet you haven’t downloaded these Recommended VR Apps October 2016 Edition.

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8 Powerful Virtual Reality Apps for English Learners (It’s All Free!)

It’s free, immersive, powerful, educational. Why don’t you give them a chance?

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Virtual Reality for English Teachers

Guide 101: Virtual Reality for English Teachers

The first and, so far, the only source for English teachers who want to bring Virtual Reality to the classroom. Let’s bring it on.

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exercise in virtual reality

How to Exercise in Virtual Reality (Using Your Affordable Cardboard Viewer)

Who says you can’t exercise in virtual reality with your affordable Cardboard viewer? You. Definitely. Can.

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VR horror apps for iphone

Top 5 VR Horror Apps for iPhone (And People’s Reactions)

Are you ready to prank your friends or yourself?

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milky way vr

How to Watch Milky Way from Your Home

Technically, you enjoy it from your home. Virtually, you enjoy it from Alaska.

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Final Kick VR Review: Make You Feel Like a True Soccer Player

Play this game and hear how people support you, how camera flashes toward you. Are you ready?

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VR This Week: Unboxing PlayStation VR, Hollywood Goes VR, and More

In this post, you will find out what’s happening in VR This Week. Unboxing PlayStation VR is one of them.

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Sisters VR Review: One Million People Get Scared Trying This App

I guess you will jump. Or scream out loud until your mom says, “HEY. WHAT’S WRONG?!”

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victoria falls 360

This 360 Breathtaking Video Will Change Your Mind About Zimbabwe

Flying above the rainbow, the waterfalls, the smoke from the streaming water. Just you and nature.

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You Can Actually “Walk” in VR Using Google Cardboard without Controller

And, you don’t need any controller because this app has made it easy for you.

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VR This Week: Snapchat Glasses, 360 Selfie Camera, And More

VR This Week [18Aug-25Aug 2016]: Watch the video of the long-rumored Snapchat glasses, see how Twitter starts their virtual reality journey, and more.

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The best museum ever - Sketchfab VR

Sketchfab VR Review: This Must Be The BEST MUSEUM EVER!

At this museum, you can see a dinosaur walking, a human’s heart beating, go inside a painting. Lucky you, it’s very, very near.

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Emotional 360 video

3 Emotional Videos That Will Move You to Tears

Does peacefulness really exist? Watch these emotional 360 videos and find the answer.

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Fox Sports VR

I Turned My Room Into a VIP Suite, This Is How I Did It.

GOOD NEWS: You can do it, too! And, it’s very simple and way too affordable.

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SEPTEMBER EDITION: Recommended VR Apps BeThere

Recommended VR Apps: September 2016 Edition

Before the end of September, you shall try these recommended VR apps because…

Well, let’s see why.

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Hajj in Virtual Reality

How to Experience Hajj from Home with Virtual Reality

Here’s how you can come to Masjidil Haram, Mina, Arafat, Ramy Al-Jamarat as if you were the pilgrims from home.

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bethere book travel edition

It only takes about three minutes to get all the highlights in VR this week.

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Scuba Diving Destination 360, Hamilton

Before Spending Your Money, Let’s Try 8 Scuba Diving Destinations from Home

Imagine you have spent much money to visit one of the beautiful islands you saw on the internet for scuba diving. And, you’re disappointed.

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Recommended VR Apps August 2016

Recommended VR Apps – August 2016

August is coming to an end. Have you downloaded these recommended VR apps?

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virtual reality in 2017

7 Mind-Blowing Predictions About Virtual Reality in 2017

‘Cause 2016 is just the beginning. See how it goes in 2017.

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Explore Indonesia in 360

Explore 9 Wonderful Destinations in Indonesia with 360-Degree Videos

Take a deep breath. We’ll bring you to Indonesia, one of the most wonderful countries on Earth, right from your room.

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amazing place 360

11 Amazing Places You Could Actually Visit from Your Room

You wouldn’t expect that it’s right in front of you.

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Public Speaking vr

Public Speaking for Introvers: A Trick That People Never Tell You

It’s 2016. Practicing in front of your mirror isn’t enough.

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google's project in 2016

4 Google’s Projects in 2016: Good Opportunity for You!

Google did it once again. Each year at Google’s conference, Google always announced several projects they are currently working on. What’s beautiful about it is that you can take your role in some projects. In this post, we have listed four googlevr‘s projects that have been on the work. 2016 is coming to an end, but […]

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funny vr reaction

Never ever show this app to your sister or daughter because…

If you want to hear Mariah Carey reaching a high note at your house, just show one of the scary virtual reality applications to a teenager girl. We could tell that because we just got a video on YouTube, uploaded by Lego Lover, a dad of a teenager girl. He showed his daughter a virtual […]

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You Must Be VERY, VERY Curious After Reading These VR Facts (Pokemon Go Is Unexpectedly Here)

When I was a kid, I used to imagine as if I were stuck in the middle of lava, standing at the top of the mountain, lost in another planet. Maybe it wasn’t just me, you did it, too. Now we all have grown up, and that thing we did when we were kids are […]

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7 Things About Islam You Should Know through Virtual Reality

Enjoy Ramadan. Experience Hajj. And all the spiritual journeys performed by a Muslim that will put your heart in peace.

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The Most Extreme VR Reaction Ever

You gotta be careful if your friends are showing you a new virtual reality glasses. You gotta be careful.

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7 Possible Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Education

Don’t you think that your students easily lose excitement in the classroom? Let’s get it right.

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social vr network

World’s First Social VR Network

Can you imagine what if Yahoo Messenger + The Sims + Video Chat are combined? Meet vTime. A brand new social  VRnetwork that is 100% different from your usual social networks. It’s the first social VR network for Gear VR and VR Cardboards, which only costs you around $24. vTime is powered by Starship. When […]

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heartwarming movie 360 pearl

Try Not to Cry While Watching This Heartwarming Movie in 360

“There’s no wrong way home.” The movie starts when you realize that you’re sitting inside a hatchback*, wondering how old it is, as you see a writing on the dusty window: Karen was here. When you’re turning your head, you see a girl, short hair, wearing a yellow t-shirt, and she’s looking at you through […]

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vr prank failed

When they wanted to prank you, but it’s your friend who’s accidentally pranked.

This is a moment when a VR prank was failed in a good way. KHA Entertainment uploaded a YouTube video titled “Virtual Reality Gorilla Prank w/ Mediocre Films (Google Cardboard)”. In that video, they took a new Google Cardboard unit out to Hollywood Boulevard  to show people just how real the virtual reality experience from […]

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Obama VR

Obama VR Reaction: I’d Love to Try It Again, But…

Hello, it’s me, Barrack Obama. (Yes, that Obama. The president of the U.S.) First off, I’m very honored to sit here and write to you about my experience in virtual reality. Before I begin explaining, please read the disclaimer at the end of the post. * It was just another weekend in Germany when I […]

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Facebook in the Future Will Probably Look Like This

Facebook in the future is probably something related to virtual reality. You wear a virtual reality glasses, and… meet a friend in the same place as you are! This will likely to happen in the future as Mike Schroepfer, the CTO of Facebook, showed a demo on the Facebook Developer Conference on April, 13th 2016. […]

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Allegiant VR: Review, People’s Reaction & Feedback, All You Need to Know

Allegiant is the third installment of the blockbuster Divergent series franchise, and, just like the previous installment, Lionsgate presented you a virtual reality application called Allegiant VR. This VR experience takes Tris, Four, Caleb, and YOU into a new world, far more dangerous than ever before. Once you start the application and put on your virtual […]

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MS virtual reality

How Virtual Reality Changes A 67-Year-Old Man’s Life

I cried writing this news. When a 67-year-old-man named Steve Bettis saw the sea, he didn’t only see the water and the wave. He saw the good old days when he was all wet on his surfboard, laughing while conquering the waves, feeling on point around the perfect glassy waves. The sea has been his […]

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Insidious VR: Review, People’s Reaction & Feedback, All You Need to Know

Let me take a deep breath for a while because that was too intense. Three… two… one… OK, I am ready. So, I just exited the world of one of the most popular supernatural horror movies, Insidious. Specifically, it was Insidious Chapter 3: Into the Further Virtual Reality, which you could download on Play Store or […]

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Insurgent VR: Review, People’s Reaction & Feedback, All You Need to Know

It was definitely the craziest four minutes in my life. When I read and watched the Divergent series, I’ve always wanted to be the one who entered the simulation scenes. By “simulation scenes”, I mean it’s when Tris, the main character of the Divergent series, was trapped in a simulation, suddenly placed in a lonely […]

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