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Augmented and Virtual Reality’s 2017 Trend: ARKit, Vive Focus, Oculus Go, Windows Mixed Reality, Magic Leap’s Revelation

Before we step into 2018, let’s step back for a while and see how far we’ve gone in this augmented and virtual reality industry.

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ar vr investment 2017

Virtual Reality’s 2017: The Biggest AR and VR Investment 2017 (And What We Can Learn from These Startups)

2017 is the year when we started to hear, “VR is dead. VR will forever be a niche.” But it’s all vanished when you see the AR and VR investment 2017, here.

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virtual reality for travel industry

LIST OF IDEAS: Augmented and Virtual Reality for Travel Industry (+ Examples)

This post is dedicated to all developers and anyone who want to execute virtual reality for travel and tourism companies. Open Google. Search “Travel Companies in [name-your-city]” Click “more places”. List all the stores. Visit their websites. And, see: Have they used virtual reality or augmented reality in their services? No, they haven’t? Good! This […]

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List of Idea: Augmented and Virtual Reality for Real Estate Companies (+ Examples)

This is how you win a pitch for real estate project.

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List of Idea: Augmented and Virtual Reality Idea for Home Furniture and Appliances Retailers (+ Examples)

This post is dedicated to all developers and anyone who want to execute augmented and virtual reality idea for home furniture and appliances.

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never give up on vr

This Is Why We Never Give Up on Virtual Reality

People are saying, “Virtual reality is dead!” But we’re here feeling comfortable and confident as if we could see the future.

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What’s Wrong with Virtual Reality in 2017?

Why don’t we see it coming already? What’s really going on? What’s wrong with virtual reality in 2017? Here goes the answer…

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Before vs After: Marketing with Virtual Reality [VR Marketing Result]

So, you want to pitch a virtual reality idea to potential clients. You might be a virtual reality developer or a marketer who’s just found that this technology is a perfect fit for your potential clients. You know all the stuff and statistics about virtual reality. However, you’re still wondering, “Will this work? Is there […]

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Will Oculus Go Get Mainstream Adoption?

Just a week ago, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Oculus Go, the standalone virtual reality headset by Oculus. Is it going to be a mainstream product?

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vr creative use

6 of Unusual Yet Creative Uses of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t all about gaming, education, training, and health. So, here you go, six of unusual yet creative uses of virtual reality.

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If Microsoft Word Were in VR…

It was just another day of writing articles, business proposals, and thesis. So, you’re clicking your Microsoft Word, and… The blank white page, in a boring cubicle, getting distracted by the Internet. Way too hard to write. Way too hard to be focused. Will we be like this forever? For years, technology has changed our […]

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Does It Take Another 10 Years for Virtual Reality to Take Off?

This is the first cell phone in the 1980s. As big as a shoe, way too bulky, expensive. It took more than a decade until it was all small and affordable. And, that’s when the cell phone gained mainstream recognition. Now, take a look at the virtual reality headset today. This is the first virtual reality headset […]

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why psvr outsells

Why PSVR Outsells Rift and Vive? Here’s the Lesson We Can Take

PSVR has one secret thing that others don’t.

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So, This Is How You Grow Virtual Reality and Monetize It

Do you want to monetize VR? One, don’t treat it like you treat a smartphone and its apps. Two, well, read the rest of this post.

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Is Virtual Reality Really Promising?

Virtual reality is finally here, but nothing seems drastically changing. So, there goes a question: Is VR important at all? Is it even promising?

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14 Best of VR Marketing Examples That Will Inspire Your Next Marketing Tactic

Before we speak about VR marketing examples, let us show some truths to be told… We barely click an ad. The data shows that the average clickthrough rate of display ads across all formats and placements is 0.06% (Source: Display Benchmarks Tool) Every time we see “Sponsored Post”, we would be like, “Just scroll it […]

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How to Start Your First Successful Virtual Reality Campaign

Digital marketing strategies are getting played out, causing consumer fatigue. And, we’ve had it all: Social media, content marketing, apps, more visual content. But as the world evolves, marketing should, too. That being said, newer marketing tactics can get more attention for consumers who are thriving for a new thing. So, there goes a question: […]

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Virtual Reality for Writers and Publishers: VR Storytelling and more…

Technology changes everything. Radio. TV. Internet. Smartphones. Snapchat. Netflix. What’s next with virtual reality? VR storytelling isn’t the only one.

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VR vs AR: Augmented Reality Is on the Rise; Will It Replace Virtual Reality?

Who will win the race?

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Virtual Reality for Education 101: Teachers, Educators, Students

Let’s take an example: So, you’re teaching Science. The lesson for today is to learn about What’s Inside Human Body. You talk passionately about What’s Inside Human Body with the properties, then you show the students some pictures and videos. It all looks fun, but isn’t it a little bit too traditional in 2017? Because, […]

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Why Isn’t Virtual Reality Mainstream Already?

The more I see, the more I found that virtual reality needs to be more relevant to this generation, but this is what actually happened today.

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Are These Going to Be VR Killer Apps?

Take a look at your smartphone and ask yourself: Will you buy a smartphone if there is no feature like browsers and email services? There you’ve got your answer: Not in a million years. Browsers and email services are ones of many features we are already familiar with before the smartphone was exploding. It was […]

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Does VR Need Top Smartphone Apps to Be Mainstream?

Almost all features on PC are adopted into smartphones. There comes a question: Does VR need its own VR killer apps or top smartphone apps?

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18 VR Ideas That Commercially Work for Education

To make VR mainstream, we need something more relatable to our generation. So, in this post, we curated 10 VR idea that commercially work in education.

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This Is How You Make Money in VR

First thing first: Don’t treat VR apps just like any other apps on smartphones.

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this is how virtual reality replace smartphone

Goodbye, Smartphones. This Is How VR and AR Replace You.

Will virtual reality replace smartphone? Smartphones are the biggest enemy of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). It puts everything at the tip of our fingertips. We read news, we talk to our friends, we take pictures, we send email, we use the GPS, we buy things, we play games. We do almost everything […]

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Facebook vs YouTube vs Vimeo vs Littlstar: What is the best 360 platform?

So, the best 360 platform goes to….

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Is virtual reality the last computing platform?

Devices get smaller and smaller hardware-wise. From computer goes to laptop goes to smartphones. Now that virtual reality is coming; things will change.

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bethere book travel edition

Is This the Evolution of a VR Headset?

#1 The Beginning of VR Headset Innovation Since 2014, we have been producing a cardboard-based virtual reality viewer for our clients. However, there was always one problem: A bulky design. This leads to other problems: (1) Difficulty in shipping and distributing in large numbers. For example, if you need to distribute large numbers of the […]

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This Is How You Explore 14 Countries in Asia from Home

It is impossible to visit all over Asia countries. We’re talking about the restricted places and the dangerous destinations due to the rules and/or wars. But thanks to VR video technology, we can break the rules and visit all the countries in Asia. All you need is your smartphone and a virtual reality viewer. These […]

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5 Big Companies Launched VR Platforms This Week: VR Livestream, Facebook’s First VR App, and More.

The competition of VR platform is getting heat this week, but who’s the best?

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11 Features of VIMEO 360 That Make It as a Winner of 360 Platform

Vimeo 360 isn’t late to the party. With features such as monetization your content and tutorials about 360 content, this could be a better 360 platform.

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12 AR & VR Innovation That Will Make 2017 No Longer the Same

In 2017, virtual world will be more alive than ever. Thanks to these VR innovation: VR weather add-ons, Vive tracker, PSVR Aim, VR brochure, and more!

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vr marketing

8 VR Marketing Ideas: From Portofolio in VR to Souvenir in VR

Only 8% of marketers are currently using VR marketing, but the results? Phenomenal. If you’ve been thinking a new way of marketing, consider VR, like this.

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9 Reasons Why VR Developers Should Never, Ever Forget the Mobile VR Platform

1) More than two billion people are using smartphones. 2) 98% of VR headset sold are for mobile. 3) Mobile VR is actually better than what people think. 4) ….

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vr marketing for travel brand

VR Marketing for Travel Brands: Learn from These Travel Agencies

According to Thomas Cook, the revenue for New York excursions was up by 190% after using virtual reality.

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Bye, Gym. These 12 VR Fitness Games Will Get You in Shape from Home.

Have you heard a story of a guy who got in shape with virtual reality? You can do that, too, from your home.

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Goodbye, Old Marketing. VR Brochure Is Going to Take the Lead.

This is something you would consider for your business: A simple brochure that will emotionally connect your customers with your products and services.

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Books in the Future: Bye, e-Book. Hi, Virtual Reality.

Hint: It will make you live inside the book.

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VR Education: 16 Things Teachers and Educators Said about Virtual Reality

According to research done by Samsung, there are only two percents of teachers who have tried the magic of VR education. Here’s what they said.

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vr space

These 6 VR Space Apps Will Make You TOTALLY Lost in Space

2017 is coming. Traveling to space is now possible. With these VR apps.

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16 Best Things Ever Happened in VR in 2016

2016 is coming to an end, but let’s rewind all the best VR trends happening this year: 360 Selfie Camera, Obama Reacts to VR, and many more.

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funniest vr reactions 2016

16 Funniest VR Reactions in 2016, But Try Not to Laugh!

Watch it in order. If you laugh at no. 4, then you got 3. Share your highest score with us!

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best vr apps in 2016

16 Best VR Apps in 2016 That You Still Want to Play in 2017

It’s almost 2017, and you still haven’t tried these sixteen of best VR apps in 2016? You must be joking. Take a look, you’ll DEFINITELY find your favorite.

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Which VR headset to buy?

Which VR Headset for You: Budget, Requirement, Reaction, Unboxing, Etc.

Find out the budget, requirement, people’s reactions, and everything you need to know before deciding which VR headset to buy.

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best vr apps nathie

6 Best VR Apps That Make You Feel Like Owning HTC Vive

These six best VR apps will turn your Android and iPhone into virtual reality experiences you have never imagined before. In this post, we have curated the best VR apps that have used by a VR YouTuber, Nathie, who mostly use his HTC Vive to play VR games. Say hi to Nathie! Nathie once said, […]

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This VR Horror App for Cardboard Feels Like HTC Vive Game

When you start this game, you can’t remember anything.

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vr horror experience

CHALLENGE: VR Horror Experience, Can You Not Scream At All?

Your challenge is to try these VR horror experiences and scream louder than the loudest YouTuber, POiiSED or not scream at all.

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7 VR Developers You Should Really, Really Watch Out

These recommended VR developers have taken mobile VR to the whole new level. It’s not just about seeing around. You can walk, wander around, and more!

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Top 5 Google’s VR Apps You Should Never, Ever Miss

Google’s VR apps are going to change your whole life.

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