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6 of Unusual Yet Creative Uses of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t all about gaming, education, training, and health. So, here you go, six of unusual yet creative uses of virtual reality.

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Does It Take Another 10 Years for Virtual Reality to Take Off?

This is the first cell phone in the 1980s. As big as a shoe, way too bulky, expensive. It took more than a decade until it was all small and affordable. And, that’s when the cell phone gained mainstream recognition. Now, take a look at the virtual reality headset today. This is the first virtual reality headset […]

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Is Virtual Reality Really Promising?

Virtual reality is finally here, but nothing seems drastically changing. So, there goes a question: Is VR important at all? Is it even promising?

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Virtual Reality for Writers and Publishers: VR Storytelling and more…

Technology changes everything. Radio. TV. Internet. Smartphones. Snapchat. Netflix. What’s next with virtual reality? VR storytelling isn’t the only one.

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VR vs AR: Augmented Reality Is on the Rise; Will It Replace Virtual Reality?

Who will win the race?

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Why Isn’t Virtual Reality Mainstream Already?

The more I see, the more I found that virtual reality needs to be more relevant to this generation, but this is what actually happened today.

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Does VR Need Top Smartphone Apps to Be Mainstream?

Almost all features on PC are adopted into smartphones. There comes a question: Does VR need its own VR killer apps or top smartphone apps?

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Goodbye, Smartphones. This Is How VR and AR Replace You.

Will virtual reality replace smartphone? Smartphones are the biggest enemy of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). It puts everything at the tip of our fingertips. We read news, we talk to our friends, we take pictures, we send email, we use the GPS, we buy things, we play games. We do almost everything […]

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9 Reasons Why VR Developers Should Never, Ever Forget the Mobile VR Platform

1) More than two billion people are using smartphones. 2) 98% of VR headset sold are for mobile. 3) Mobile VR is actually better than what people think. 4) ….

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