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Bye, Gym. These 12 VR Fitness Games Will Get You in Shape from Home.

Have you heard a story of a guy who got in shape with virtual reality? You can do that, too, from your home.

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exercise in virtual reality

How to Exercise in Virtual Reality (Using Your Affordable Cardboard Viewer)

Who says you can’t exercise in virtual reality with your affordable Cardboard viewer? You. Definitely. Can.

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Final Kick VR Review: Make You Feel Like a True Soccer Player

Play this game and hear how people support you, how camera flashes toward you. Are you ready?

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Scuba Diving Destination 360, Hamilton

Before Spending Your Money, Let’s Try 8 Scuba Diving Destinations from Home

Imagine you have spent much money to visit one of the beautiful islands you saw on the internet for scuba diving. And, you’re disappointed.

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