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The total number of active virtual reality users
is forecast to reach 171 million by 2018.
Virtual Reality for Business statistic
More businesses are turning to Virtual Reality for growth.
From real estate & travel, movies, news, social media, to food industry.
It’s now your time to adapt Virtual Reality for your business.
Of course, you can do it in an affordable way with BeThere Book.
Why BeThere Book?

The high quality that makes your customers want to see more of you

From the cardboard material to the lenses quality. We carefully pay attention to every inch of it.

The lenses that take your customers inside

We use BiConvex Lenses 37mm x 44mm, which means, once your customer wears BeThere Book, they will be inside, in an epic journey of your unforgettable offer.

Bring your products to life

Create a replica of your product or anything related to your business. The landmark of your city, your best item, et cetera. The aesthetic 3D models, whose material is paper, will make your business come to life.

Simplicity. At your customer’s fingertips.

BeThere Book has been designed in ergonomic mind, so your customers can naturally understand how to use it once they have it. Even if it’s their first time in using a VR viewer.

Compatible with your customer’s phones.

BeThere Book is compatible with most of your customer’s mobile phones. Android or iPhone that sizes up to 6 inches.

Personalize it. From head to toe.

Add your brand’s logo on the cover, use your brand’s color identity, and design it until it represents your brand. Full customization.

Lighter than a catalogue, yet more powerful.

Easy to bring, keep, and distribute. Also, it’s something that your customers will show to their friends—that it will lead to another potential customer.

Unlimited spaces. In a minimum space.

Add custom pages, insert more QR codes to access your virtual reality content or 360-degree videos, describe more about your business, and anything you want. It will remain in the same size.

More accessories, more satisfied.

Like, if you need any headphone or any headstrap, we are ready to apply it as well.

Open. Scan. Go.

That’s how easy it is to use BeThere Book.

Virtual Reality for Business

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