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(English) Virtual Reality for Education 101: Teachers, Educators, Students

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(English) VR Education: 16 Things Teachers and Educators Said about Virtual Reality

(English) According to research done by Samsung, there are only two percents of teachers who have tried the magic of VR education. Here’s what they said.

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vr space

(English) These 6 VR Space Apps Will Make You TOTALLY Lost in Space

(English) 2017 is coming. Traveling to space is now possible. With these VR apps.

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(English) This Girl Is Helping You Seeing Colors from Sound, And It’s Magical

(English) If someone said, “I see colors when I hear a sound,” that’s not a joke. That’s synesthesia. And, now, you can see it, too.

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edge of space vr

(English) Flying to the Edge of Space from Your Home

(English) How does it feel like to leave Earth? What is hidden above the highest clouds? From your home, safe and sound, let’s fly to Edge of Space.

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(English) 8 Powerful Virtual Reality Apps for English Learners (It’s All Free!)

(English) It’s free, immersive, powerful, educational. Why don’t you give them a chance?

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Virtual Reality for English Teachers

(English) Guide 101: Virtual Reality for English Teachers

(English) The first and, so far, the only source for English teachers who want to bring Virtual Reality to the classroom. Let’s bring it on.

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The best museum ever - Sketchfab VR

(English) Sketchfab VR Review: This Must Be The BEST MUSEUM EVER!

(English) At this museum, you can see a dinosaur walking, a human’s heart beating, go inside a painting. Lucky you, it’s very, very near.

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Public Speaking vr

(English) Public Speaking for Introvers: A Trick That People Never Tell You

(English) It’s 2016. Practicing in front of your mirror isn’t enough.

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7 Possible Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Education

(English) Don’t you think that your students easily lose excitement in the classroom? Let’s get it right.

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