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Month: شباط 2017

vr marketing

(English) 8 VR Marketing Ideas: From Portofolio in VR to Souvenir in VR

(English) Only 8% of marketers are currently using VR marketing, but the results? Phenomenal. If you’ve been thinking a new way of marketing, consider VR, like this.

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(English) 9 Reasons Why VR Developers Should Never, Ever Forget the Mobile VR Platform

(English) 1) More than two billion people are using smartphones. 2) 98% of VR headset sold are for mobile. 3) Mobile VR is actually better than what people think. 4) ….

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vr marketing for travel brand

(English) VR Marketing for Travel Brands: Learn from These Travel Agencies

(English) According to Thomas Cook, the revenue for New York excursions was up by 190% after using virtual reality.

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(English) Bye, Gym. These 12 VR Fitness Games Will Get You in Shape from Home.

(English) Have you heard a story of a guy who got in shape with virtual reality? You can do that, too, from your home.

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