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Wizard Academy VR

Genre: General Education
Price: Free
Size: 119 MB
Developer: Realiteer Corp
Popularity: 100,000-500,000

Do you have a strong memory?

Whether you do or you don’t, strength it with Wizard Academy VR.

In Wizard Academy VR, you will enter a maze, which is designed from the easiest level to the most difficult level.

Can you find your way back home without going back to the same place over and over again?

Unlike any other VR app, you can walk in this virtual world by walking in place.


  • Fire archery: Solve a simple math equation.
  • Ice Fortress: Destroy ice castles, but you need to know little physics.
  • Telekinesis: Use your telekinesis power to bring back the objects in order.
  • Earth Maze: Find your way out in a maze.
  • GermBuster: Find and shoot giant germs.

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Wizard Academy VR

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