VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard

VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard

Genre: Adventure
Price: Free
Size: 62M
Developer: Fguillotine
Popularity: 5,000 - 10,000 Installs

You’ve got a gun in a palm of your hand. You’re trapped in an unknown space. And, it feels like trapped inside the wreckage of a building. Shoot the bricks to find your way out.

Before it’s too late. Before it’s getting harder.

What people say about VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard:

ABSOLUTELY 5 STARS!!! Give 6 if I could. This is one of, if not the best, VR Cardboard offerings I’ve played. Heck, one of the better VR games I’ve played. While the graphics are decidedly not ‘cutting edge’, their retro look has an appeal that works flawlessly for the style of this game.” – Chris Davis.

Fun exploration game If you have a controller and enjoy exploring weird spaces, a must download. Really liked the dark level.” – Reed Laughlin.

I played all the levels and it just gets better and more challenging!”  – Farah Teoh.

Required item: Bluetooth gamepad controller and BeThere Book.

VR Wrong Voyage

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