VR Holidays

VR Holidays

Genre: Travel
Price: Free
Size: 69 MB (Android) | 278 MB (iOS)
Developer: Smart2VR
Popularity: 1,000 - 5,000 Installs

Summer ain’t end with VR Holidays.

With VR Holidays, you will visit the exotic destinations perfect for the summer, such as Venice, Ibiza, Lago Maggiore, Croatia, and Sardinia.

Despite the fact it doesn’t provide a background sound, the 360 pictures are already high-quality. Like, when we enjoyed the Ibiza at night, we can see the perfect tiny little lights around the town with its sexy buildings, the silhouette of the mountain, a small boat on the ocean, even the stars.

VR Holidays is best to revive your holiday or to plan your next trip.

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