Titans of Space - Recommended VR App for Education

Titans of Space

Genre: Astronomy
Price: Free (Offers in app purchases)
Size: 348 MB (Android)
Developer: DrashVR LLC
Popularity: 500,000 - 1,000,000 installs

Titans of Space will bring us to an amazing virtual tour of the awesomeness of our universe. We were floating in space and looking at the planets. We could say this is one of the best virtual reality experiences we have ever had. Generally speaking, it’s one of the most popular applications for Google Cardboard.

It’s loved by many users. As we are writing this, it has received 6,353 votes from Android users, and, guess what? 4769 users gave a perfect five stars! What else can we say?

PS: The score keeps counting.

Titans of Space

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