Ascape Virtual Travel & Tours - Recommended VR App for Traveling

Ascape Virtual Travel and Tours

Genre: Travel
Price: Free
Size: 2.8 MB (Android) | 5.7 MB (iOS)
Developer: Ascape VR
Popularity: 50,000 – 100,000 Installs.

Another brilliant way to see the world from home. It’s a collection of 360-degree videos, which will make you feel like you were there. The contents are one of the best. Like, you can walk with the elephants in Botswana, fly around the buildings, or even lost in the forest with orangutans. Another thing that we like is that it has the curated collections that make you easier to experience the virtual reality based on your mood, for example, Bird’s-eye View if you want to fly in the sky, Relax After Work, Euro Trip, and many more.

Ascape Virtual Travel & Tours

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