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Month: October 2017

Before vs After: Marketing with Virtual Reality [VR Marketing Result]

So, you want to pitch a virtual reality idea to potential clients. You might be a virtual reality developer or a marketer who’s just found that this technology is a perfect fit for your potential clients. You know all the stuff and statistics about virtual reality. However, you’re still wondering, “Will this work? Is there […]

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Will Oculus Go Get Mainstream Adoption?

Just a week ago, Mark Zuckerberg introduced Oculus Go, the standalone virtual reality headset by Oculus. Is it going to be a mainstream product?

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vr creative use

6 of Unusual Yet Creative Uses of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn’t all about gaming, education, training, and health. So, here you go, six of unusual yet creative uses of virtual reality.

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If Microsoft Word Were in VR…

It was just another day of writing articles, business proposals, and thesis. So, you’re clicking your Microsoft Word, and… The blank white page, in a boring cubicle, getting distracted by the Internet. Way too hard to write. Way too hard to be focused. Will we be like this forever? For years, technology has changed our […]

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