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Month: April 2017

Facebook vs YouTube vs Vimeo vs Littlstar: What is the best 360 platform?

So, the best 360 platform goes to….

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Is virtual reality the last computing platform?

Devices get smaller and smaller hardware-wise. From computer goes to laptop goes to smartphones. Now that virtual reality is coming; things will change.

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Is This the Evolution of a VR Headset?

#1 The Beginning of VR Headset Innovation Since 2014, we have been producing a cardboard-based virtual reality viewer for our clients. However, there was always one problem: A bulky design. This leads to other problems: (1) Difficulty in shipping and distributing in large numbers. For example, if you need to distribute large numbers of the […]

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This Is How You Explore 14 Countries in Asia from Home

It is impossible to visit all over Asia countries. We’re talking about the restricted places and the dangerous destinations due to the rules and/or wars. But thanks to VR video technology, we can break the rules and visit all the countries in Asia. All you need is your smartphone and a virtual reality viewer. These […]

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