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Month: September 2016

Sisters VR Review: One Million People Get Scared Trying This App

I guess you will jump. Or scream out loud until your mom says, “HEY. WHAT’S WRONG?!”

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victoria falls 360

This 360 Breathtaking Video Will Change Your Mind About Zimbabwe

Flying above the rainbow, the waterfalls, the smoke from the streaming water. Just you and nature.

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You Can Actually “Walk” in VR Using Google Cardboard without Controller

And, you don’t need any controller because this app has made it easy for you.

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VR This Week: Snapchat Glasses, 360 Selfie Camera, And More

VR This Week [18Aug-25Aug 2016]: Watch the video of the long-rumored Snapchat glasses, see how Twitter starts their virtual reality journey, and more.

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The best museum ever - Sketchfab VR

Sketchfab VR Review: This Must Be The BEST MUSEUM EVER!

At this museum, you can see a dinosaur walking, a human’s heart beating, go inside a painting. Lucky you, it’s very, very near.

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Emotional 360 video

3 Emotional Videos That Will Move You to Tears

Does peacefulness really exist? Watch these emotional 360 videos and find the answer.

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Fox Sports VR

I Turned My Room Into a VIP Suite, This Is How I Did It.

GOOD NEWS: You can do it, too! And, it’s very simple and way too affordable.

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SEPTEMBER EDITION: Recommended VR Apps BeThere

Recommended VR Apps: September 2016 Edition

Before the end of September, you shall try these recommended VR apps because…

Well, let’s see why.

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Hajj in Virtual Reality

How to Experience Hajj from Home with Virtual Reality

Here’s how you can come to Masjidil Haram, Mina, Arafat, Ramy Al-Jamarat as if you were the pilgrims from home.

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