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google's project in 2016

4 Google’s Projects in 2016: Good Opportunity for You!

Google did it once again. Each year at Google’s conference, Google always announced several projects they are currently working on. What’s beautiful about it is that you can take your role in some projects. In this post, we have listed four googlevr‘s projects that have been on the work. 2016 is coming to an end, but […]

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funny vr reaction

Never ever show this app to your sister or daughter because…

If you want to hear Mariah Carey reaching a high note at your house, just show one of the scary virtual reality applications to a teenager girl. We could tell that because we just got a video on YouTube, uploaded by Lego Lover, a dad of a teenager girl. He showed his daughter a virtual […]

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You Must Be VERY, VERY Curious After Reading These VR Facts (Pokemon Go Is Unexpectedly Here)

When I was a kid, I used to imagine as if I were stuck in the middle of lava, standing at the top of the mountain, lost in another planet. Maybe it wasn’t just me, you did it, too. Now we all have grown up, and that thing we did when we were kids are […]

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7 Things About Islam You Should Know through Virtual Reality

Enjoy Ramadan. Experience Hajj. And all the spiritual journeys performed by a Muslim that will put your heart in peace.

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The Most Extreme VR Reaction Ever

You gotta be careful if your friends are showing you a new virtual reality glasses. You gotta be careful.

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